Mr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Salama

Licensed Lawyer and Legal Advisor

Mr. Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Salama

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Law from Umm Al-Qura University. Also holds an arbitration membership certificate from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) in the United Kingdom.

He has served as an arbitrator in several cases and has represented numerous companies and individuals in litigation, drafting memoranda and regulations in various legal areas such as commercial, public, labor, criminal, intellectual property, customs, and construction. This has granted him extensive experience and high competence in providing legal opinions, resolving issues, negotiating, and handling contracts. Additionally, he provides consultancy services to companies in diverse sectors such as industry, construction, transportation, healthcare, food and beverages, retail, and more.

Furthermore, he excels in drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, offering legal consultations, working on acquisition projects, and establishing Saudi and foreign companies. He is a core member of the Saudi Bar Association, a board member of the Jeddah Trahom Charity Committee for the year 2018, a member of the Judicial Scientific Society, and a member of the Saudi Quality Council for the year 2016.

He is registered as a certified expert with the Ministry of Justice, licensed in intellectual property by the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, and authorized by the Ministry of Labor to prepare and approve regulatory statutes.

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