Trademark Protection Services

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Law Enforcement Liaison

  • Carrying out properly surveyed and prepared raids based on sound intelligence and research to provide maximum effect following objectives that will be covered during the enforcement activities.
  • Obtaining all required approvals from the authorities in order to ensure a quality seizure again the counterfeit channel.
  • Accompanying the authorities during the enforcement activity to ensure that they are progressed properly, identify counterfeit goods and ensure that they are seized properly.
  • Handling criminal claims against traders in counterfeits.

Anti-Counterfeiting Survey

  • Market Check and market reports on counterfeit traders.
  • Collecting necessary evidences.
  • Preparing and filling necessary administrative complaints against traders in counterfeit goods.
  • Pre-raid check and arranging for raid on oulets involved in counterfeiting activities.
  • Meeting with the trader / infringer to collect samples for testing as part of this process.

Customs Watch

  • Filling an application, on behalf of our client, to undertake a Saudi Customs watch servie.
  • This service entitles that copies of all trademarks, brands registred or applied in the name of our clients are submitted to the Saudi Customs.
  • Upload all those trademarks in the Customs computer system.
  • Conducting a watch service vigilantly monitoring all identical, similar, resembling or look-a-like trademarks and brands that are being shipped into Saudi Arabia
  • Providing administration follow up with the Custom regarding seized products.

Test Purchase

  • Conduct Mystery Shopping Activity against suspicious channel in the market.
  • Producing samples to the authorities as an evidence against the counterfeiters if requierd, to our partners for thier verification.
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