Terms and Conditions of Use:

We welcome you to the page of terms and conditions and we hope to read them carefully, as it regulates the relationship between the client and the office in terms of benefiting from the services of the site.

1. The person who uses the site shall have full legal capacity and must be over 18 years of age.
2. The responsibility of using the registered account on the site is the responsibility of the client, and his / her data, even if the use by the third party and any transaction shall only affect the registered customer.
3. The customer undertakes the accuracy and accuracy of the data and information provided by him. In turn, the team will adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of the data provided.
4. The time used on the site is local time.
5. In spite of the efforts made to ensure the accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness of the information contained in our website, in some cases the information of a service may contain inaccurate data. There is no guarantee that the information contained in the website is free of errors, .

The Office of Peace emphasizes respect for privacy and carefully addresses the privacy of the data provided and seeks to do so by handling the information received on the Internet very carefully. The Office confirms that the information transmitted is not used and disclosed only for the purposes and means assigned to it.

Payment method
1. Registration is on site
2. The application is raised
3. The request is studied by the team
4. Invoice is issued
5. The validity of the invoice is 24 hours only
6. Payment is made through the approved payment methods on the website or through bank transfer.

7. The Office shall have the right to refuse or cancel any application that has errors or is inaccurate.
8. The Bureau may cancel or reject any application without giving reasons.

9. The validity of the invoice is 24 hours and then the site is entitled to cancel the invoice or modify the prices contained therein.
10. Any offers or decreases in the general price does not apply to any bill that has been paid
11. Currency conversion is automatically linked with the responsible party for payment and no relation to the site in any decline or rise in the exchange rate.

1. No application can be canceled 24 hours a day.
2. If the customer wishes to cancel the application for any reason within 24 hours of payment, will be deducted 200 SAR administrative expenses in addition to any expenses imposed by the means of payment approved site and the rest is returned to the original drive.
3. The time it takes to return the money is linked to the terms of the payment method approved on the site.
4. If the refund is not received within 15 days, please send a message to info@salamahlaw.com.

Modification and update:
1. The Office of the right has the right to correct the errors and / or update the contents of this site at any time without prior notice.
2. The Office has the right to change the prices of the Services and the terms and conditions, without prior notice. In addition, the Team may review the Terms of Use at any time and update the Website.

1. The Office of Peace seeks to satisfy its customers and in the event of a problem, the team will do its utmost to solve the problem to the satisfaction of the client in accordance with the available resources and in order to preserve rights.
2. The customer should submit his complaint as soon as it occurs through e-mail info@salamahlaw.com and the team will communicate with the client as soon as possible.
3. The complaint must be submitted by the person concerned, supported by sufficient documentation and data, and the function of the complaint. The teams have the right to request any documents they deem necessary to consider the complaint.
4. The Office of the full peace has the right to refuse the complaint and even to ask the client for compensation in case the problem is not proved by the client and the reprehensible consideration of the work of the team.